Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Man Skirt is Here

Originally posted on Nymag.com

Man skirts for Spring 2009, from left, John Galliano, Comme des Garçons, and Etro
Photo: imaxtree Originally posted on Nymag.com

How do you know men's lib is in full swing? When men start wearing skirts. On the street. In everyday life. The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, snapped two men wearing skirts on the streets of Europe, and it caught us off guard — it's not like these guys were heading to a Scottish wedding in ritual dress. No, they evidently woke up that morning and decided that instead of putting their pants on one leg at a time, they'd slip a skirt over both legs. We thought we weren't ready for mirdles, but this is a whole new level.

Photo courtesy of The Sartorialist

We admit, we find the looks Schumann shot stylish. But we can't get past the fact that they're men wearing skirts, and something about that trend catching on just doesn't look or feel right. Don't get us wrong — we're all for equality of the sexes, and if Yves Saint Laurent can put women in pantsuits, there's no reason other designers can't put men in skirts. We expect to see them on the men's runways from time to time. And we find it delightful when we do, but in a non-serious way. But now that it may be getting serious, we're a bit unsettled. We don't know if America is ready for her men to be traipsing around the streets in skirts. And if they're just barely catching on in Europe now, how long before they're popular here? Five to ten years?

Commenters on the Sartorialist are smitten by these men in their skirts. One writes, "I'd do it myself (in ten years maybe)." Another writes, "There was a great Met Costume Institute show of men in skirts a few years ago — it took about 5 seconds inside to realize that the West has missed an opportunity for beautiful tailoring and sexy knees." And yet another writes, "I love both looks — I was struck by the usage of the belt on the guy with the tie — these looks are hot." Hot? As in, Damn, that outfit compels me to get that guy's number? Hm. Dunno. But that's not to say that in several years we won't find a hot man in a hot skirt to be the sexiest thing since Brangelina. For now, though, so long as they're off the runway, we can't help but prefer to see guys with that extra bit of fabric between their thighs. But maybe we're just behind. So we'll ask you: How do you feel about men in skirts? Is the world ready for it? Or do you think it will take another decade or so for the planet to prepare?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sarong or So wrong?

Photo courtesy of The Sartorialist

Will genderless dressing be the next trend after seasonless dressing? I think this guy actually does a good job of pulling off this look while keeping his masculinity intact.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In case you missed it....

There has been much ado about the latest issue of Vogue Italia which features top black models from around the world on the cover and throughout each editorial in the magazine. It has been specualted that the driving force behind the "Black Book" issue is part of the "Obama Effect" and that the use of black models in editorials and runway shows is as much of a passing trend as gladiator sandals and maxi dresses. Could the sudden interest in black models have any relation to the recent gala thrown by major fashion players like Zac Posen and Iman for Michelle Obama in New York? Whatever the impetus behind it, Vogue Italia has made a bold statement by being the first major fashion publication to focus solely on black models and acknowledge the "blackout" of models of color from major fashion publications and fashion week runways.

In New York City, it is next to impossible to find one of the much sought after magazines, especially since it has been reported that less than forty were delivered to a handful of stores in Manhattan. If you weren't one of the lucky few that were able to grab a copy at your favorite newsstand, read the New York Times article Conspicuous by Their Presence, which discusses this historic issue and the future of minority models in the world of fashion. The article also features some of the brilliant photos by Stephen Meisel and other notable photographers from the magazine. The pictures, which showcase the beauty of Naomi, Liya, Tyra, and others, serve as reminder that a beauty is not defined by color. Brava Vogue Italia!