Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fashion has a brand new bag

I recently saw an ad on New York Craigslist selling Anya Hindmarch's now infamous "I am not a Plastic Bag" for $149. Despite the fact that the lucky few who stood in line for hours were able purchase one for a mere $15, the price of one of these "it" bags has gone as high as $250 on Ebay.
Although Anya Hindmarch has gained the most press for her eco-accessory, there are other options for those of you that wish to be environmentally responsible and stylish at the same time, here are some suggestions

He convinced indie girls everywhere to trade in their leather handbags for cute graphic totes. Now Marc Jacobs offers roomier versions for shopping and lugging, with the city in which it was purchased printed on the side.

Available only at Marc Jacobs stores, $12
For further info and store locations

The Hermes silky pop bag has more than just a cute name. It comes in four exclusive Hermes designs and is made of the finest silk. Best of all it collapses into a leather case about the size of a wallet. A tres chic emergency carryall bag for an unexpected trip to the store!

$960 at Hermes boutiques
See for more information

Part of the Destination: Berlin collection spotlighting German designers at the Museum of Modern Art store in New York, this leather shopper is simple and utilitarian. Its design is that of a simple plastic bag, but a stylish reinterpretation done in supple leather.

$395 at the MoMa store
Buy online at

The Romero bag is made from recycled seat belts, coats and bicycle inner tube. Maybe it's not large enough for groceries, but it definitely affords more space than a handbag and is more durable.
Costs approx $130 Available at

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