Tuesday, May 27, 2008

J Crew takes on...the World

With the state of current economic affairs, most Americans are tightening the purse strings, so the idea of jetting to exotic locales may seem out of reach, but now it is possible to live out those travel fantasies through the J. Crew catalog. As strange as it may sound, J. Crew has taken a novel and interesting approach to the marketing of its decidedly Amercian-style clothing by having destination photo shoots around the world for its catalogs and website. So far, some of the picturesque locations have included Paris, Rome and most recently, Morocco. In addition to a new approach to its shoot locations, the quality of the photographs are also more fashion editorial. Both the new style of photography and the amazing locales have the J Crew catalog looking more like a high fashion glossy. Where will J Crew take us next? Sources say that the company's creative team has just returned from Prague. Stayed tuned- there are surely more gorgeous photos to follow.

All photos courtesy of jcrew.com

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