Sunday, January 18, 2009

50 Things Every a Girl Should Own (11-20)

More from the Times Online list of Fashion Must-haves:

One that’s seen much better days — for being very trashy in.

Vintage mini-dress on

12 A PAIR OF MAD SUNGLASSES They should be too mad to go on a date in, but just mad enough to feel liberated.

Vintage-inspired sunglasses from Giant Vintage

13 A SHORT, BLACK BOB WIG Check out of you-ness and be Louise Brooks for the day.

14 A STRING OF REAL PEARLS OR REAL PEARL EARRINGS Great for the complexion, as they diffuse light across your face.

15 A T-SHIRT DRESS One you’ve had since you were 22. Just throw it on and go.

T-shirt dress from American Apparel

16 A PAIR OF MEN’S BROGUES For looking playfully serious.

Vintage Perry Ellis Ladies Brogue Shoes at

17 SOMETHING DELICATE AND ANCIENT It must be kept in acid-free tissue paper — anything made of Victorian lace, for example.

18 DEREK ROSE FLANNEL PYJAMAS For spending Sundays and sickies in.

19 WHITE CORDS Less flash than white denim, more elegant than jeans. Wear with a navy pea coat, and you are Jackie O.

White Matchstick cords from

20 A KHAKI PARKA Just like the one Kate Moss wore with those Westwood boots in 2000. Never goes out of style, always looks cool — whatever anyone says.

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