Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wunderbloc: The Ultimate Online Guide
to NYC boutiques

New York City is definitely a shopper's delight, but it can be a real challenge trying to keep up with latest and greatest shopping destinations. Enter Wunderbloc, an online directory of boutiques in and around NYC. Even if you're not in New York, the Wunderbloc site has great features like virtual tours and a marketplace, to provide you with the experience of shopping in New York from anywhere in the world.

One of the coolest things on the site is the 360 degree virtual tour, which includes high-quality 360 degree videos of the store interior. It also inadvertently provides a sneak-peek at the store offering.

The site also has an e-commerce section that allows you to shop products from many of the boutiques featured. There are varying amounts of pieces from select stores like Kaight, 20 Peacocks and United Nude. In addition to shopping by boutique, the navigation allows for shopping by neighborhood, which can be helpful if you would like to products from a variety of similar stores at once.

The Wunderbloc community is a place to connect with the city's fashion-obsessed and get personal recommendations on where to shop. You can also browse the gallery of photos for style inspiration.

Just like anything, Wunderbloc also has its drawbacks. Some parts of the site, like the reviews  and WunderblocTV, have not been updated some time, but for the most part it acts as a good introduction to the plethora of small boutiques in the city, and allows anyone to shop like a New Yorker, even if you're miles away.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Off to New York soon so will have a look at this as it sometimes does my head in with so little time and so many places to shop.

  2. I like online directories, but some get confusing as clicking on each product takes you to a different store.

  3. Yes that can be really frustrating! Luckily on wunderbloc you can put things from different stores into the same shopping bag and not have to link to another site.

    Lee- hope you find at least one really great new boutique on your trip to nyc!

  4. Great website!!!
    Hope to be able to use it very soon.
    Your blog is so interesting!
    Sincerely yours