Friday, September 24, 2010

New Form Perspective

For knitwear designer Gail Travis the ability of the wearer to shape their own garment is key. Her line of unique pieces, inspired by sculpture and designed to be worn in multiple ways, is called New Form Perspective or N:F:P, because of the focus on form. I was amazed that with a few snaps and folds, a knit shrug from the collection becomes a dress, and then can change again into pants. Best of all, everything in the collection transforms easily into new silhouettes without unsightly seams.
  I met Gail Travis when she had her last pop-up store in New York, and was instantly taken with how beautifully crafted and carefully designed each one of her knit pieces are. Even though Travis is not a sustainable designer, the versatility of her clothing speaks to one of sustainability's core concepts, doing more with less. This innovative approach to fashion design paired with the quality of her knits, makes her garments not only worthy of purchase, but worthy of keeping for years and years.

Meet Gail Travis and see the latest N:F:P collection at the pop-up shop located at the Roger Smith Hotel on Lexington Avenue (between 47 & 48th streets) September 20th -October 10th, 2010, 9 AM-8PM; for more information.

All images courtesy of Gail Travis


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