Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cougar Boots

Cougar Tibet boots
As part of the Matchstick Influencer program, I tried out some Cougar boots and I have to say that from the moment I opened the box, I was both impressed and delighted. I was intrigued to see how these cool "outdoorsy" shoes would work for a city girl like me. 
In addition to being cute, the Tibet boots were dry as I ran through a downpour, stopping to jump in a puddle or two. I also love it's "faux sock" which is not just a cute detail, but actually kept the wind out and the warmth in. Next I tried the Ringo Star boots. Just like the Tibet boots, the Ringo Star boots are also incredibly comfortable and have a plush fleece lining with a soft fur trim. I'm already looking forward to stomping around in them when it snows, without worrying about soggy socks or frozen toes.
Winters in New York City can be brutal, so stylish boots that keep your feet dry and warm come rain, sleet or snow, are a must. Although my "great outdoors" is more about dodging taxicabs, than hiking mountains,  I've definitely found the perfect footwear to wear in my urban wilderness.

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