Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hermes Just Wants to Have Fun


Hermès is doing its best to destroy any notions that it might be an old stodgy luxury house.  Its on-going campaign know as "J'aime Mon Carré," Hermès has taken it to the streets, showing how cool "it" girls from major cities like London, Paris and Tokyo wear iconic Hermès scarves. Last month, Hermès also launched a pop-up store in London's hip Shoreditch neighborhood to further solidify its newfound coolness. It would be easy for "J'aime Mon Carré" to fade into the background as an "Art of the Trench" knock-off, but Hermès has done a good job of infusing a fresh modern take on their brand, plus a bit of whimsy into both their pop-up shop and micro-site.
Hermes pop-up store  photo: Grazia Live

This video which brillliantly combines fingers, skateboarding and Hermes products, is just further evidence that this hip young Hermes is here to stay.

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