Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Malandrino all a flutter for Spring 2008

So every once in awhile a fashion miracle happens: maybe it's finding a pair of perfectly good Jimmy Choos at the bottom of a 50% off pile or getting a job with a clothing allowance, but for me it was New York Fashion Week Spring 08 shows when all those years of interning finally paid off. For this one day the clouds parted and some fashion goddess, or probably just a poorly trained intern, blessed lowly fashion assistant me with a front row seat at the Catherine Malandrino show.

Never mind that I was seated amongst editors from Vogue and WWD or that Tim Gunn and Veronica Webb were chit-chatting across from me, the real highlight of the whole experience was when Janet Jackson and Mary J. Blige casually strolled past and and sat down a few seats away (gasp!). But forget about the audience, it was the runway show I came to see!

After about a half hour of waiting, the show finally began and models adorned with ruffles, side-swept chignons and clunky platform shoes Malandrino's modern French look, which is both sexy and polished, was accented with the African influence that is often found in her work: tribal-patterned belts, beaded shoes The trends such as high-waists and knee-length skirts were there, but the collection was still very much her own personal style

all photos courtesy of style.com

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