Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fashion from the street Part 1

My latest obsession is street fashion blogs. These blogs are true social equalizers; it used to be that only those with the right bank balance or cool job were able to travel regularly and see fashion trends developing abroad, now the global and local trends that are emerging in major fashion capitals like London, Paris and Berlin can be viewed by anyone with access to a PC and an internet connection. This has major implications for young designers who can find online a limitless database of inspiration and trend information that is updated on a daily basis. It is also great how these blogs highlight individual style and people dressing outside the norm.
How influential are these blogs? Recently an exhibition of photos from some of the most popular street fashion blogs was held in Berlin and during the month of October the Colette store in Paris will host the largest exhibition of street fashion photographs to date. Still don't believe these blogs exert any influence? Scott Schuman of "The Sartorialist" received a shout out from Time Magazine naming his street fashion blog one of the "Top 100 Design Influencers." That's enough street cred for me.

Here are my favorites and some great shots

Stil in Berlin

Style Clicker (Munich)

Dans Paris

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