Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ndeur's Tricked out vintage shoes

ndeur painted shoe art
"Beaux amis"
From I-pods to credit cards and cars to M&Ms, nearly anything can be customized and Canadian graphic artist Matthieu Ndeur is applying his creative talent to customizing vintage shoes, hand-painting them with his fun, bright street-inspired designs. Simply e-mail the measurements of your foot and the design you would like and soon will have your own chic wearable art. 25 year old Ndeur's designs are also featured in murals, and designs on sneakers and t-shirts.

Get your very own one-of-a-kind pair at (now on sale for $180)

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ndeur painted shoe art
"I love you this much"

"O My"

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ndeur painted shoe art "VIP room"

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  1. It is cool how they reinvent shoes that are currently made- its a very "green" and animal friendly notion.

    I bet that in the future there will be more designers who create clothing from old clothes. I can't say what it would mean for textile mills and their business though.