Sunday, February 17, 2008

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK- Joanna Mastroianni

All photos courtesy of New York

Joanna Mastroianni's Fall 2008 Collection was described in her show pamphlet as an "inferred experience" inspired by Morocco, and her beautifully studded and beaded pieces definitely evoked feelings of Moroccan style, but the suprisingly dark color palette, mainly black accented by rich jewel tones of emerald, ruby and sapphire, was far removed from the brilliant hues of lapis lazuli, marigold and saffron, associated with that part of the world. The show did include some wonderful highlights such as a gold studded poncho and a delicately ruffled crimson evening dress, and although stunning the weight of the poncho could be seen in the model's considerably slowed gait. Overall, the collection was quite elegant and sophisticated, but some pieces like the somber and unflattering floor-length forest green gown felt too old for Mastroianni's mostly young clientele. It seemed as though in trying to avoid the appearance of having simply created Morrocan knock-offs, Mastroianni did not take full advantage of the opportunity to give her own perspective on a country rife with rich textiles, design and inspiration.

You can watch highlights from the show below:

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