Saturday, September 12, 2009

Phillip Lim Presents First Menswear Collection

Phillip Lim staged his first menswear presentation at a gorgeous art space in Chelsea yesterday afternoon. This is his first season showing menswear separately from womenswear. He wanted to give the men's line extra emphasis this season because he frankly feels like men get the shaft at New York Fashion Week. "I was just talking to my friends today, I’m like, 'You know, I’m a guy, I wear men’s clothes and it’s so stagnant and suffocating — it’s just disappearing. And so I’ve got to fight for my line," he told us. "Less and less people are paying attention to it."
Lim's spring 2010 men's collection included ankle pants in grays and blues and even black leather. He also showed a camel leather T-shirt tucked into matching camel leather shorts. As a fashion-forward man himself, how does he feel about the latest in seemingly silly man fashions, such as meggings? "If it keeps you warm, why not?" But what about man purses? "What are man purses?" We gestured to our own shoulder bag. "You know, I think over the shoulder is meant for function, so if it can help hold a bag, why not?" he decided. But what about man skirts? "You know, for certain people who have great legs, it works. But for me, no." Does he see them proliferating en masse? "I hope not. I think it’s reserved for the special few." But he won't rule out designing one. "Never say never."

- Amy Odell for New York Magazine's "The Cut" blog

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