Thursday, October 1, 2009

Classic Balenciaga, Subtle Innovation

Balenciaga Spring/Summer '10

For the Spring/Summer '10 Balenciaga collection, Nicolas Ghesquière harkened back to his past collections with trademarks like graphic shapes and skin tight pants, but the collection also featured some forward-thinking elements. One of the most innovative features was not necessarily visible: its use of sustainable materials. The inspiration for the clothes was to create something "very graphic...urban," Ghesquière explains, but also full of contradictions; using very bright and very dark colors, hard and soft materials, as well as a mix of industrial and organic fabrics. He combined synthetics such as nylon, pressure-printed jersey and 3-D ‘foam’ with more natural elements like hand-woven leather, ostrich-skin, and silk. The collection also included vegetable-dyed and organic fabrics but, Ghesquière points out, these organic ingredients are meant to be a part of his creative vision and not necessarily a commentary a on eco fashion.

Balenciaga Spring/Summer '03

Listen to Nicolas Ghesquière's thoughts on his latest collection here

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