Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spat On: How to Make that Old Shoe Look New Again

Spats are leather or cloth coverings that can be strapped onto the upper part of a shoe and a clever way to give a plain pair of shoes a makeover. This nifty accessory can be found in almost every shape, color and fabric on Etsy, and some seller's even take custom orders. Below is a list of my faves all from Etsy.

Ivory Leather Flower Spat by Joia Couture
Ivory Leather Flower Spats by joiacouture

Turquoise Leather Viviana Cut Out Spats by Ashes and Empires

Royal Blue Leather Spat from Leather Made Nice

Lisette Herringbone Spats with Brass Studs & Scallop
detail by Ashes and Empire

Gizelle Herringbone Spats with Leather Ruffles
& Buttons by Ashes and Empires

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