Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Virtual Dressing Room by Zugara

Fashionista is a new application developed by interactive marketing and advertising agency Zugara that hopes to give online shoppers the ability to virtually try on clothing using a laptop and a webcam. The video above explains how it works.

This is definitely the most realistic way to see how clothing will look on your body on any website, and the initial set up with a marker ensures a more accurate placement of the garment. A big part of the appeal of Fashionista is the hands-free navigation, which allows the user to feel as though they are actually shopping and not just scrolling through images on a site. The Virtual Dressing room is definitely innovative, but it will be for e-commerce sites to determine whether or not it actually contributes to any increase in sales: will it this application really make a big difference in terms of convincing shoppers to buy things that they wouldn't otherwise?

Go to tobi.com to try it for yourself

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