Monday, February 1, 2010

Shoe Art from Etsy

hand painted shoe art
Vintage shoes, artwork by Ndeur 

Two years ago, Style Gourmand featured the maginificent designs of young graphic artist Ndeur, which included graffiti-type designs done on vintage shoes. When Ndeur decided to move on and focus on other art projects, I thought my source for one-of-a-kind piece of shoe art was was, but luckily I have found "shoe artists" to fill the void. 

Here are some of the best from Etsy sellers:

hand painted shoe art
Obsessions Hand-painted shoes by cocopunkz

hand painted shoe art
Kamikaze Hand-painted shoes by cocopunkz

Bubble gum girl Hand-painted heels by Studio Jellyfish

Sole Trippin by taylorsays 

You can also try making your own footwear masterpiece: checkout this how-to video from Bobsmade.


  1. lovely, especially the Obsessions Hand-painted shoes. before, i thought only sneakers fit the shoes paint art. i never imagine it would be this fab on pumps!