Sunday, January 22, 2012

Berlin Fashion Week Fall 2012- Patrick Mohr

Designer Patrick Mohr describes his design aesthetic as "sophisticated streetwear" and that is exactly what he delivered for his Fall/Winter 2012 collection presented during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. In the past, Mohr's more avant-garde styling choices, such as sending female models with bald caps and beards down the runway, have distracted from the elegant simplicity of his minimal designs. In his Fall/Winter 2012 show it was the clothes that took center stage with the accessories pulling together looks made up of very wearable pieces.

Photo: Image,net


The opening look set the tone for the show, a mix of vintage, street and glam. It was also a nod to Berlin style: the camel cape edged with leather piping over a belted knit dress topped with a statement necklace and a handbag in the crook of the models' arm, was a look put together of items, most notably the cape, that are popular with the city's most stylish inhabitants. Other elements of Berlin style in the collection included chunky knitwear, over-sized scarves, hoodies, utilitarian jackets, and beards (reserved for male models this time), but all were done in a grown-up way, more hip young professional than starving artist, including the beards, which were groomed and one even topped with a handlebar moustache, รก la Patrick Mohr himself.



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