Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Staying Gorgeous in Ugly Times

“I think a new ‘make do and mend’ subculture will evolve, where we’ll be hunting for bargains, mixing vintage with new clothing — and recycling. These times will bring out experimentation and the eccentric in all of us.” Julien Macdonald

Well it might be time to get creative if you would like to maintain your fashionista lifestyle on a recessionista budget, but luckily, three great sites, Swap Style, Dress Vault and The Closet Bureau, allow anyone to look fabulous without spending very much, and in some cases you might end up with a little bit of coin in your changepurse.

Dress Vault

The Basics:

A fashion network for dress borrowing, that also doubles as a social network, connecting style soulmates. Dress Vault allows members to lend, borrow and buy/sell dresses.

How It Works:

Both lenders and borrowers create profiles in order to participate. If you are looking for a dress, simply browse the photographs and contact the owner if you're interested. The only downside is that you'll only have the dress for one week (including shipping back and forth). The good news is that lenders are protected against damages and late shipments.

Why It's Great:

Because you'll never be photographed twice in the same dress

The Basics:

Big on style, but short on cash? Swapstyle allows you to use your unwanted clothing, accessories, cosmetics and shoes as currency to buy what you really want.

How It Works:

To get started swapping, create a free profile with photos of all the items that you would like to swap. You can also make a wish list of the things you would like to have. Shop other members profiles and contact them if you're interested in swapping. Likewise, other members will contact you if they would like to swap for one of your items.

Be sure to check the "Swaplifter" list to avoid dealing with less than savory swappers.

Why It's Great

Because you don't have to spend a dime to get your shopping fix

The Closet Bureau
The Basics:

If you've discovered that your love of designer clothing is taking up too much space and money, The Closet Bureau is ready to hep you clean out your closet and replenish your shopping fund.

How It Works:

Arrange for The Closet Bureau to pick-up your old designers duds, and they will take a care of the rest. You'll receive a payment for the proceeds once your items are sold.

Why It's Great:

Because it's all the benefits of selling on Ebay without any of the hassle

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