Friday, March 13, 2009

The Year of the Newcomer

The past few weeks have been filled with bad news for the fashion industry; cancelled shows, declining sales and company layoffs, have cast a dark shadow on days normally filled with back-to-back shows, fabulous parties and star-studded front rows. But the news is not all doom and gloom, as one group stands to profit from the collective misfortune: cue the up-and-comer.
Cost-conscious buyers are taking a new look at more moderately priced new brands and are keen to be the first to find the next Alexander Wang. Take for example the great turn-out for an indie fashion show in New York's artsy Long Island City neighborhoodowd that during New York Fashion Week. The same has been true for the increased interest in fashion school graduate show's, such as the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. Let's hope some fresh talent will be enough to revive the industry's dampened spirit-

Subdivision Fashion Week NYC 2009 from stephen on Vimeo.

"Starting now is difficult ... there is less demand now because of the economic circumstances, but the fashion industry is always looking for new ideas, new talent, fresh things ... It's important to stand out." Alessia De Pasquale, designer

"It's going to be a lot more about relying on personality and experience, instead of cash." Andrew Buckler, designer

Bunka Fashion College Graduate Fashion Show 2009

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